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A picture is worth 1,000 words, true or false? True, if it’s real, unaltered. If it’s a moment in time that came and went, an event that happened in people’s lives and that is worth something to them. Staged or planned pictures have a different worth, as…

Determined to shoot medium format more often, the quality is second to none. 

(Feat. Alice Bowsher and Caroline Dunning, both talented illustrators.)

Got to photograph Field Day this year, which was incredible. More here

Two weeks of adventures in the UK. Brighton, London, Cornwall and wonderful people. Home away from home. All shot on 35mm.

Early summer in Brussels, 35mm. 

Website just got a makeover, check more work on there


Artist Spotlight: Flore Diamant - See it on our site at http://d-f.co/1ljIyiK


Artist Spotlight: Flore Diamant - See it on our site at http://d-f.co/1ljIyiK


Flore Diamant 

"When you travel, it can be so easy to just follow the flow, do what everyone else does, take the same photos and visit the same places…That is what makes it so hard to make it your own experience. Of course, there are some places you just have to see, for their beauty and uniqueness, and yes, there’s a whole lot of tourists there but thats just how it is, you’re one of them after all. It’s just up to you to decide what you make of it.

So when you go backpacking along the east coast of Australia, it’s quite hard to make it your own. Everything is already preplanned for travellers, all the hostels and tours and bars are there waiting for you, arms wide open, with a big smile and a free drink. Of course, it’s great fun, you meet people from everywhere, heard their stories and tell them yours, then move on to a different place and start all over again. Let me tell you, sometimes it does feels like someone took a handful of Europe and dropped it there. There’s not much point of going all the way across the world to be with the same people and do the same things as back home. To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me we didn’t meet that many locals, to my greatest disappointment. The constant traffic of European travellers hopping from bar to bar or club or hostel, carrying a bag on goon in one hand and trying to stay standing with the other mustn’t look that appealing. I know it sounds a bit stereotypical, but sometimes it was just like that.

But, if you step away from it all, take a deep breath and look around, it’s all worth it. Rainforest, coral reefs, mountains, infinite beaches and clear blue water, it’s got it all. And it’s incredible to get to see all that in one country. And there is still so much to see. The few local people we met were the kindest and most genuine of them all. I wouldn’t have done it any other way, I would just go back again, for longer, do it differently and see what happens.

Here is a preview of the places & people which made it all as incredible as it was.”




Little preview of the photos I took in Australia…

The rest will be on this blog.

Amsterdam and Brussels, february 2014.



These photographs are bold and the compositions immediately grabbed our attention. Flore is a Belgian photographer and graphic designer who recently studied in the UK at Bath Spa, and the influence of her graphic design roots are evident in these image. See more of her work on her website

Winter months. Sun, snow, Daughter, mountains, big dinners and fairy lights.

All taken with a Canon EOS5000, Ilford XP2 super 400 B&W or Lomography 400 color print 35mm film.

You can see all go them on here.


Flore Diamant

where are you from? Grew up in Brussels, Belgium, and studied in Bath, UK.

where are you right now? Back where I started, so in Brussels again. But I’d rather say “in between places.”

where do you want to be? Right now, somewhere warm, new, and challenging.




goodbye 13 and hello 14.

I tried to narrow it down to only a few images and words but failed miserably. 

This year was full of…deadlines. Stress. Tears. New friends. Thinking. Biscuits. Late nights. Planning. Waiting. Glastonbury. Photographs. Anxiety. Friends. Tequila. Trains. Celebrations. Work. Mountains. Laughter. Tea. Tea. Tea. Rain. London. Surprises. Books. Waiting. Beers. Beers. Cutting. Sticking. Printing. Designing. Music. 3. Bike rides. Meetings. Hangovers. Inspiration. Sunsets. Work. Drinks. Cake. Notting Hill. Discoveries. Graduation. Komedia. After School Club II. Coffee. Coffee. Goodbyes. Vienna. Printing. Expectations. Work. Tuscany. Beaches. Barbecues. Moles. Home. Tutorials. Dissertation. Nostalgia. Hugs. Portugal. Snacks. Portfolios. Fundraisers. Dancing. Friends.

I could go on forever. But thank you to everyone who was part of it all, you know who you are. Let’s see if 2014 can beat that. See you there. 


JONATHAN CHERRY: What did you want to be growing up?

FLORE DIAMANT: I think it went from being a ballerina to fashion designer to graphic designer/photographer to…I still don’t know. There probably was something more academic on the way too.

JC: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

FD: It’s usually the places I visit or the people around me. In the past few months I went to a few places by myself rather than with friends/family which obviously leads to a different experience. I also discovered a few great magazines that are cleverly designed and curated, such as The Travel Almanac, Intern Magazine and Foam Magazine, who always feature great new upcoming talent and inspiring stories.

JC: What are you up to right now?

FD: Experimenting with b&w and medium format film, reading magazines, going to a fair few concerts and sending a lot of application emails. Finding the next big adventure is harder than expected.

JC: Have you had mentors along the way?

FD: Of course, they were/are either friends, family, university tutors or strangers. Any advice is worth listening to.

JC: Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?

FD: I’m currently back home in Brussels, as I’ve just graduated so am in between places. It’s a strange experience being home, it’s like time stands still. All my friends are all over the place but here so I spending a lot of time alone is an experience in itself. I’m used to having people around though, so it’s quite strange.

JC: One piece of advice to photography graduates?

FD: I studied design not photography, so might not have the best say in this, but it’s always good to hear what people have to say about your work - even if they don’t do what you do. Having an outsider’s point of view is always valuable. And try everything, if you don’t like it then at least you can say you’ve tried.

JC: If all else fails - what is your plan B?

FD: I could get carried away with this - but it all else fails, go to america, or anywhere, buy a camper van, drive around, discover places and meet new people while doing some work… That would be nice. Could be a plan A in a while.

JC: Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?

FD: For sure, and I think everyone slightly creative (or even not at all) should be part of it. Everything is so easily reachable now, thanks to the progress of the internet and technology, that there is a constant flow of new creations to take in. It’s an inspiration source as well as a social and learning experience. I try to go to as many workshops and conferences as I can, and always end up meeting people from around the world doing the same practice (or something totally different!), and it’s great.